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JPMorgan Chase Custom Design Solutions 

Enterprise platform where users design and order digital infrastructure.

Fall 2018

Visual and UX Design, Research

6 UX architects




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The current process relies on users manually copying often unverified data from one application to another with little to no visibility on status.

Create a new experience concept for users to request, review, order, create, and manage custom build designs via a single port of call.

Solution Process

User Research

From interviewing Application Development Managers and Infrastructure Solution Architects, it was clear that both groups shared similar pain points with the current solution.

Too many independent tools, no ability to leave feedback, manual processes, poor support for communication, not reflective of the back-end system intelligence were all recurring complaints.

Establishing personas, user scenarios, and workflow


Interviews were the foundation for the workflow, and further allowed us to detail the personas in a more thoughtful and thorough way since user needs were not present in the initial design.

Specific user scenarios were further validated by research participants to confirm when information was entered, submitted, and transferred - and by whom. 

Project manager and quality assurance roles and responsibilities were also reviewed, in order to provide a solid foundation for how the interactions needed to work to streamline the process.

Wireframe development


Despite being connected through various back-end development channels, it was necessary to demonstrate how a unified design can streamline the process for the better, including:

  • A pre-screen questionnaire to determine if using this processes actually needed

  • Having key metadata pre-populated based on entitlements to reduce the risk of error

  • A thorough examination of not just the design build, but the requirements and ordering phases to showcase the transparency throughout the project process to all stakeholders

We utilized an existing tool, @Tech, for the access point to Custom Design Solutions application. Because of this and the project schedule, we were able to utilized the pre-existing style guide to create more exact visual designs to be presented to the project team.


Concept Proposal

Provides a central location all users to request, review, order, create and manage custom system designs.

Focusing on real-user scenarios, the design utilizea single platform that streamlines the current workflow, allowing users to stay informed and make quick and simple actions, experiencing a first-class service.


It also offers scalability and most importantly adheres to ADA standards.

Thank You

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